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Monday, May 14, 2018

CT Scans: Are There Risks for the Baby?

CT Scan also called computed tomography scan or CAT Scan is performed by using circular equipment that is lined with cameras on both the sides. The scanner tends to rotate surrounding the baby to enable taking of x-rays from all possible angles. Then images are integrated by the computer to create cross-sectional images. This way, slices of the body is displayed by the scan. Same basic technology is used like that of the x-ray equipment, but with a specially added dimension.

Details about CT scan

CT scan could be taken at any time necessary to get a detailed and clear image of the body. This equipment can take images of the brain, especially if the child has fell down and injured his/her head. Moreover, it is also used for checking the abdominal organs like the liver, spleen and the appendix, where specific illness may occur. CT scan can be availed by baby of all ages. The best ct scan in Bangalore will ensure that the baby is safe and properly diagnosed.

About the CT Scan

The scanner can be termed to be a machine that has been designed to appear like a huge narrow donut. The patient is required to lie on the narrow table which slides out and in of the circle. The machine is not termed to be claustrophobic since it does not have enclosed space. Rather just the specific part of patient’s body is placed within the machine that needs to be imaged.

How is CT Scan performed on the babies?

To shoot different types of x-rays, the previous CT Scanner versions did take a long time. The latest generation scanners have been built to take just few seconds. It is essential as young children and infants are required to get sedated for undergoing certain type of CT scans. With the fast machines that are available these days, often children can suck the bottle for about 30 – 120 seconds or lie still, as the machine takes images.

The baby occasionally will be required to have IV placed on his/her arm. Prior to taking the pictures, a liquid is injected into his/her vein which will later get displayed on the scan. The liquid is known as contrast material. It shows contrast between specific internal structures few babies will need to be given oral contrast material that they have to consume prior to performing the CT Scan.

At times, the CT scan is performed immediately once the contrast is given. At other times, it becomes essential to pass 2-4 hours, prior to taking the picture. The radiologist specializing in medical imaging would determine whether or not contrast is to be used and the type to be given. It also includes the duration between providing contrast and finishing the scan.

Few babies might develop allergic reaction towards the contrast material. The reactions could range from anaphylaxis (respiratory failure) to hives. Children faced with shellfish allergy or iodine allergy is likely to experienced increased risk when given contrast. The well established ct scan centres in Bangalore can provide the very best scan to babies, without affecting their health in any manner.

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