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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Get the Direct Entry Stream Visa of Australia

Australia is a country that has gained huge success in many fields, and that is why it has gained a place in the heart of immigrants, and hence a lot of people from various corners of the world try to move to this country in search of a job, business and quality living. 

However, like all the other countries it also has formed some rules and procedures that one needs to follow before getting any type of visa. One who wants to move to this country has to know in which category of visa his profile will fit and apply accordingly.

A lot of types of visas have come to use in the recent past due to which traveling to other countries has now become very easy. Australia, being one of the developed countries, has attracted a lot of migrants from other countries to try out the employment opportunities. 

Australia offers a mixed economy and has contributed a lot to many industrial sectors which further add to its economy. This country offers huge opportunities to the migrants in various fields such as education and employment that has made people move to it. The policy of the visa of Australia is much liberal than many other countries which is also one of the prime reasons why people love to move here. 

One can apply for a visa directly or take help of the experts in the respective field who can help in preparing the documents and apply for a visa as well as present oneself in the personal interview. A little research before applying to this country for a visa is considered as a much necessary step in the whole process on which the fate of visa depends.

What is Direct entry stream visa?

Direct entry stream visa is a subcategory of the permanent residence visa. In this particular scheme, the visa nomination can be given to an individual by the citizen of Australia. The citizen needs to mention and assure in the particular application that the person referred to is skilled enough and is eligible to work. The age of the person referred to needs to be below 45 years of age. There are certain qualifications which need to be fulfilled by the candidate in order to qualify for the visa. 

The candidate must know English properly as it is the native language of the United States. If the particular work position is mentioned, the individual needs to prove that he or she is qualified for the position.

The visa:
Under the direct entry stream visa for Australia, the individual needs to pay a certain amount. After paying the amount, the individual will have to wait for some months for the approval. After the visa is approved, you can stay in Australia for a permanent time period under the Subclass 186 category. You can stay in Australia and can enjoy all the benefits and privileges provided to an Australian citizen except the power to vote in the Australian elections. If approved by the provincial government, you can vote in the municipal elections.

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