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Friday, June 8, 2018

Tips for maintaining strong and healthy spine condition

Back pain is one condition that can lead to discomfort. This is also one of the most common causes why more number of people visit their doctors. You need to be aware of tips that can help in maintaining best and healthy spine. This will help in eliminating discomfort and back pain.

Maintain right sanding posture

It is always advisable that you should stand in an upright posture. So in case you are suffering from back pain, or other such issues then you have to maintain right posture. Always ensure you stand aligned, balanced and tall.


Aerobics are best ways to eliminate back pain. It also proves helpful in maintaining best health condition. You and your circulatory system can be healthy and fit. This will also help in maintaining healthy body joints and spine. It will regulate your body weight as well.

Lift perfectly

When lifting any heavy object it is best to follow perfect guidelines. You should lift the object after kneeling down. The weight of the object should always be maintained closer to your body. Avoid placing your legs at the back position to offer support. In case the object is very much heavy try and seek help from others as well.

Use phone in right way

Each one of use is very much used to perform multiple tasks at the same time. When speaking on the mobile phone we should avoid supporting it with our shoulders. This only proves helpful in straining the shoulder region. It also strains your neck and other body parts. As much as possible try and make use of speaker phone facility. Always ensure that your head and neck region are well aligned. You can also try and collect more details online by searching for top 10 spine surgeons in India.

Move very often

Sitting at one place for longer periods of time can cause back pain. This is also one of the causes for damaged hip flexors. The condition further leads to hunched spine and back. The moment your spine is not in the right posture then it tends to pull the pelvic region. This is one of the leading causes for back pain in many people. You should on regular basis try maintain right movement. Always ensure that you keep on moving your body by changing your posture and walking very frequently.

Drink excess of water

One of the best ways to eliminate back pain is to try and drink excess of water. As your spins has 88 percent of water so it needs to be replaced very often. Ensure that spine is hydrated to avoid degeneration of disc.

Give up smoking

The moment you smoke the blood flow to your spine region is affected. This will further lead to the back pain condition.

Get enough sleep

It is also advisable to get sufficient amount of sleep on regular intervals. If you are used to working late hours, ensure your body gets enough rest. Also make sure that you sleep in a comfortable environment and on comfortable bed and pillow.
Apart from this it is also important to maintain body flexibility. You should practice yoga on regular basis.

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