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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Taking Care of a Septic Tank

A Septic Tank is a typically underground tank where the sewage is collected and then decomposed through the activities of the bacteria. Neither it is a complicated process to take care of the septic tank in the house nor is it expensive. There are mainly four key elements which should be considered while maintaining the septic system.
- Pump and Inspect the Pump on a Regular Basis:- Septic tank Miami must be inspected every three years at least by the professionals of this field. On an average, the septic tanks of the household are pumped at the interval of three to five years. Other alternative systems like pumps, float switches, and mechanical components should go through inspection yearly. As because the alternative systems consist of mechanized parts, service contract must be made. The frequency of the pumping of the septic tank is depended on four factors such as- the size of the tank, size of the household, the total amount of generated wastewater and volume of the solid waste in the wastewater. 

- The Water is to be used efficiently: - On an average, a single-family home needs 70 gallons of water for each person every day. A minor leak or running toilet can cause wastage of 200 gallons of water every day. All the water used in the household is sent to the septic tank through the pipes. If more water is conserved then less amount of water is sent to the septic system. So to ensure the best operation of the septic tank Miami without any failure, water must be used efficiently. This can be done in several ways- high-efficiency toilets should be introduced as they use less water, shower flow restrictors and faucet aerators should be used as they reduce the amount of water used and entered in the tank, selection of the exact load of laundry while using the washing machine. 

- Waste should be disposed of selectively: - Everything that you pour down the sink or flush down the toilet or grind down to the garbage ultimately is stored in the septic tank Miami. Apart from human water and toilet paper through anything selectively and do not consider the septic tank as a trash can. To maintain the septic tank, don’t ever dispose of wastes like- Diapers, cooking oil or grease, dental floss, flushable wipes, cigarette butts, condoms, coffee grounds, photographic solutions, cat litter, pharmaceuticals, paper towels etc.

- Maintain Drainfield:- Drainfield is an important component of the septic system as through it, the contaminants are removed from the liquid emerged from the septic tank. So to maintain it do not park on the drain field, trees should be planted at a distance from the drain field and the rainwater drainage systems like sump pumps and roof drains must be kept away from the drain field area.

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  1. In your opinion, how regularly should we pump our septic tanks? I am thinking of calling Malabanan Siphoning services in Laguna. The last time we got it pumped was last year.


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