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Friday, August 31, 2018

Hormones and Contraction

The Bond

Pregnancy bring a young as well as the most of the pure soul in this earth. That soul is very much adorable as well as very much lovable also. A baby fills up this universe with utter joy and happiness. They are purest of all the life forms in this earth.  Their smile can be regarded as one of the best source of happiness in this world, which never fades and every time they smile the happiness occurs with a similar impact. And thus they are the most important member of a family and without them the family is never complete and also never happy as with the presence of them they are. The mother and her baby shares the most important bond in this universe. They are the most connected also in this universe as they can both understand each other from their whispers. This understanding and love is the best above all as they are very much unconditional to each other and that is the most beautiful thing about their relation. One of the main reason is that before the birth the mother holds the baby for 9 long moths in her womb sharing almost everything with her child from food to air so that the child remains in good health condition and also grows well and healthy. And during this process the baby and the mother are connected by the umbilical cord. Thus mother and the baby felt the similar things happening in the either of their body.

Pregnancy and its effects

The effects of the pregnancy are very much complex and it is regarded as the complex of all other human phenomena in this world. And it should be like that too as the giving a human life from another human being need to be complex and the different. The woman’s body undergoes a lot of difficult period because of the changes that occurs during this time period. And if we see in another way these changes are very much important as these changes prepare the woman to be able to hold the baby for nine long months and become a mother after that. These changes and the alteration in the body and the functioning of the body are largely driven by the hormones rather the excessive production of the hormones in the woman’s body. Contraction is one of the phenomena that is the result of this hormonal imbalance.  For which baby contraction timer are very much available in the market.

Why it happens?

These events are very much important and it happens due the hormones excessive level of estrogen production that happens as the condition demands in the human female body in this gestation period. And this contraction is very much important also.


Although one might feel a bit of problem while the contraction is happening however it is very much important and reveals a lot of information about the internal condition. Proper contraction reveals that actual growth a status of the baby inside the mother’s womb.

Online Timer

You can fund contraction timer online so that it can be counted in a proper so that it will be very much easy to report the doctors.

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