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Monday, August 20, 2018

How to Fix Your Luffy Wanted Poster

Do you want to put that classic one piece poster on your wall? There is always something out there that is best suited for your need. However, you may find it difficult to get that poster on to the wall. No matter where you decide to frame the Luffy wanted poster, it is easy to fix it on the wall without having to damage the poster or wall. Here are the steps you need to follow:   

Let the poster lay flat

When you remove the poster from the tube, it will naturally roll up, and this will make it pull against any adhesive you may be using. So let the poster curl away from the wall at the spot that is non-adhered. When the poster is laid flat with the print side looking up and each corner laid down, you can straighten it before you can attempt to put the poster up.
Clean the wall space where you are planning to fix the poster. Walls can get dirty even before we touch them. This could be as a result of the dust that comes from the HVAC system, humidity, or even when people breath inside the room. All these can create some slick spots that can make the poster difficult to adhere. Use a damp towel with the tiny spot of the dish soap to get rid of the grease or oil from the wall.

Use an adhesive that is removable

You will have several different options for the removable adhesives. There are some different options that you can use when thinking of removable adhesives. These are usually of a specific kind and are removable tapes that are doubles-sided and are commonly marketed as poster tapes.

Fix the poster

After putting the adhesive on every spot, you will now be ready to fix the poster. Begin at the two corners at the top and push against the exact spot of the adhesive. Make sure to work down the sides and ensure that the poster taut without forming any wrinkles or bubbles. If you are concerned that the poster not being straight, you can begin by marking the wall using a pencil or you can ask a friend to check and see whether it is straight when you are holding it before fixing it on the wall.

Peel to get rid of the poster

When you are preparing to remove the poster, avoid simply pulling it from the wall as this will cause it to rip off. instead, you should peel it off using your fingers. Doing so will ensure the force remains on the tack instead of the weaker paper where the poster has been printed on. In case you are frustrated that the poster is unable to stick, consider using a magnet. There are different magnetic poster handlers that are very good for hanging the poster without causing any damage. Use these tips to fix and remove your one piece wanted posters.

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