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Monday, August 20, 2018

Tips for NETGEAR Router Login and its Setup

NETGEAR is very well-known to be in the industry of networking hardware from a very long time and provide their users a variety of WiFi products ranging from range extenders, routers, and many more. The smart devices need a NETGEAR Router Login before they can be used to their utmost potential.

Well, the NETGEAR Router Login process is very efficient, easy, and simple. What a user has to do, open a web browser and type the default IP address of the device into field of the address bar. For this, you have to connect your PC physically with the router and typing in the default information (username and password) when asked. These login details are temporary; once you are completed with the setup you can change them according to your own desire/ requirement.

Here, we will provide you some appropriate steps on NETGEAR Router Setup, its login, and downloading the latest firmware.

NETGEAR Support: Setup and Login

1.       Unbox your NETGEAR router and plug it into an electric wall socket nearby your existing modem.
2.       Connect your PC with it.
3.       Now, turn your computer, modem, and the router off for five minutes.
4.       After that, open a web browser and for NETGEAR Router login type the default IP address of your device into field of the address bar.
5.       Hit enter.
6.       The displayed window will ask you to fill username and password. Fill them by default. If it doesn’t work, reset your router to its factory settings (default).
7.       Once logged in successfully, click on ‘setup wizard’. The ‘setup wizard’ screen will automatically detect the type of internet connection you are using.
8.       Once detected, click ‘next’ to save the settings.

NETGEAR Helpline: Download and Upgrade the Router’s Firmware

For a high-speed of internet, it is very essential to download the latest firmware of technology for your router.
1.       Open a web browser (any).
2.       Go to the ‘NETGEAR download center’ and download the firmware of the router.
3.       Type the make and model number of your device in the search box.
4.       Download the firmware and save it to your desktop or any desired location.
5.       Connect your computer and again pull up a web browser.
6.       Type router login into field of the address bar. Enter default login credentials.
7.       When the ‘setup wizard’ screen displays, click ‘advanced’ and after that select ‘administration’.
8.       Select either ‘firmware update option’ or ‘router update’.
9.       Now, click ‘browse button’ to browse or ‘choose file’ for the downloaded file.
10.   Upload firmware on the router by selecting ‘upload’.
Router will start installing the new and latest firmware automatically. Do not interrupt the update process in between. Once the installation has finished, the router will reboot itself automatically.

NETGEAR Troubleshooting: NETGEAR Router Reset

1.       Disconnect your router with the modem.
2.       Take it away to a different room.
3.       Hold the factory reset hole on the router for one minute. After that, release it.
4.       Let the power lights on it starts blinking.

Change the Username and NETGEAR Router Password

1.       With the help of an Ethernet cable, connect your router with the computer.
2.       According to your choice, open a web browser.
3.       Type IP address of the device into field of the address bar.
4.       Provide default username and NETGEAR Router Password to the required fields.
5.       Click ok.
6.       Click ‘wireless’.
7.       Under the ‘wireless settings’, you can choose a new, unique, strong, and secure username for your NETGEAR router.
8.       After that, under ‘Secuirty settings’, choose a password for your network.
9.       Click ‘apply’ and save the settings.
10.   Avoid sharing password with everyone.
If you have any queries related to the shared articles, contact our tech support team immediately on toll-free number 1-844-689-6940.


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