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Monday, September 10, 2018

Do Christian Love Movies Positively Affect Your Marriage?

Do Christian Love Movies Positively Affect Your Marriage?
In modern times, love movies are full of crap content. We are living in the world where love in movies is portrayed as a medium to clear the sexual lust which not only fills our mind with negative values but also diminishes our good morals.
Watching such kind of scripts drastically affect our lives, unintentionally spoils our relationships and alters our happy married life to hell. On contrary,Christian Love Moviesdepict the real meaning of love, improve our relationships and helps to enhance our positive character.

Do you like to watch such Love movies? Now have a glimpse on modern love movies over Christian Love movies to understand the difference.

Modern movies develop impure lust 

The secular entertainment especially all day entertainment depicts sex in a terrible way. It portrays sex simply as an inborn drive.Also, these movies create adultery and other erotic sins appear wonderful and romantic. When you experience such messages, your attraction about sex is likely to increase and you may imagine about erotic sins. If you are already married, your marital life becomes ruined as you get disappointed with the way your partner makes love. Furthermore, you would be thinking like sex is unpleasant and ugly and move off from your spouse.

We can acquire ungodly violence

In most of the cases, violence has an adequate role in TV shows and movies. But the scenes of violence we usually observe are ruthless, ungodly and sadistic. If you are not cautious, you are probably going to acquire this onscreen wicked violence, by taking it casually and even laughing at it. 

You will start to imitate the violent behavior scenes watched in the movie. You will find yourself being violent with your spouse even on ridiculous things or small issues.

Christian love movies help in developing good morals like these:

Honesty and Truth

Honesty and truth are some of the most powerful factors to strengthen the love bond between married couples. WithChristian Romance movies, we are depicted that how an honest relationship can change the life of partners by making it more livable.
Love and trust are the strongest emotions. A relationship without trust can’t persist for longer. Love inevitably develops in the relation where there is trust. Honesty and openness between spouses is significant for healing all issues, specifically if one partner is addicted to pornography or having any extra marital affair. By portraying meaningful messages Christian films are extremely helpful for couples to develop honesty and trust in their married life.

Praying together

It is extremely effective for a healthy relationship to say a small prayer together every day by asking god to bless us. God is very courteous as he is aware of everything. By praying to god, all the couple’s issues get resolved and they lead a good life.

By watching Christian love movies, couples understand the meaning of true love, the power of love and the key to live a happy and long life together.

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