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Friday, September 7, 2018

Here Are The Reasons Why Your Visa Rejected

Visa rejected? Find out how this may be the cause of this decision by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, but especially read this article even if this is not your case but you are about to apply for this document, you will avoid incurring unpleasant situations in the future!

What Are The Cases Where A Visa Application For Australia Could Be Refused
As we all know, a visa is required to move to Australia. Depending on your situation, you will need to look for the type of visa that suits your needs, but you may encounter some difficulties in submitting your application. Here are some situations in which you might see your visa application rejected for Australia:

Visa Refused For Health Problems
Most requests require the completion of a module dedicated to your health. The information you provide will be evaluated by the immigration department, which may ask you to undergo one or more visits or ask for explanations. The criteria under which the department will not accept your entry into Australia are as follows:
·       Your illness is a threat to Australians;
·       Your illness could represent a huge cost to public health;
·       Your illness requires special medical treatment that would limit its access to Australian citizens.

Visa Refused Because Of A Criminal Record
Your application will be rejected if:
You have a substantial criminal life behind you (death sentences, life sentences, imprisonment for a total of two years or more
You have been acquitted of a crime by mental insanity and admitted to a specialized institution;
·       During a precautionary custody status by the immigration authority you have committed any contravention
·       Immigration authorities have pledged you guilty of escape from detention
·       You have had a connection with suspicious people or involved in criminal behavior
·       Your general conduct or your criminal conduct report that you do not have a good character
·       You could be involved in criminal actions of various kinds in Australia.
Your case will be analyzed in these respects and the results may be different depending on the severity of your crime, if you have committed one.

Visa Refused Because False Statements Have Been Provided

If the immigration department were to realize that you lied when filling out your visa application form, you could be labeled as a poorly honest person and therefore unreliable and inadequate when entering Australia. The typical lies following which a visa application is refused are:
·       Provide false documents
·       Lying about school qualifications, work skills and experience or knowledge of English;
·       Apply for a work visa by declaring an employment that you do not actually do
·       Declare a certain result in the IELTS exam (test for the assessment of English proficiency) and then provide as proof a document with a date after the visa application (it would prove that you lied in your application).

Isa Refused Because They Provided Non-Demonstrable Statements
Any information you provide in the visa application form must be demonstrable: you will need to provide evidence that certifies your knowledge of English, your work experience and so on. If you can not provide this evidence your statements will be in doubt and as a result your visa application may be refused.
An example of information to prove is the amount of income: if you indicate a certain amount you will have to justify it, otherwise the department will harbor suspicions against you.


Visa Refused Because The Conditions Of The Same Have Not Been Fulfilled

If you have not complied with the rules for the type of visa you were able to obtain, you may have refused the renewal. This could happen for example if you are in Australia with a tourist visa (which does not allow you to work) and you have actually found a job of any kind.

Isa Refused Because The Time Required To Resubmit The Application Has Been Exceeded
If you do not wait for the time limit to resubmit your visa application, your new request will be immediately discarded, without your documents and declarations being checked.

Visa Refused Due To Lack of Requirements
The basic condition for obtaining a visa is to comply with the required requirements: obviously if you do not meet the visa you will be automatically refused. For example, some are the age and the level of English.

Final Instructions

If you are looking to start a new life in Australia, be sure to read about the types of visas you can apply for, the requirements and the documents you need to obtain. Remember to think carefully before submitting your request for a visa that may be refused for the reasons mentioned above, because the application fee will not be refunded.
If you do not feel comfortable dealing with the visa application alone, do not worry, we at Rightstep Migration can contact you with our Australian immigration consultantsauthorized MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). I remember, they are the only ones from the Australian Government to be able to discuss the issues related to visas and immigration that are not in the public domain. Do not trust those who tell you that they will take the visa application for you, even if they are not a professional in the sector, you could both go through serious trouble and risk not being able to get a visa!


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