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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Is Monsoon a Good Time to go to Goa?

The state of Goa is a hub for tourists, local and foreign; it is the single most visited spot in the country. What draws tourists here is that this place is laden with beaches, forests and the weather is pleasant almost all year round. Especially during the winter season, Goa becomes a crowd attraction.

But, in the offseason, i.e. the monsoon,it somewhat becomes a bit barren, but there are still tourists, who come in search of some quality adventure sports and to enjoy the forests and waterfalls. Atlantis is one of the premier companies that organize and curate activities during the monsoon. They have some of the newest and best equipment, along with a very people friendly staff who ensure you are having the best possible time during your activities.

Here we take a look at two activities which you could do during the rainy season, and they are sure to make your trip worth it.

River Rafting

Goa is a state which is also known for the many rivers that flow through the area. This combined with numerous channels and waves in the rapids make for an excellent place to try out river rafting. It varies from a grade 2 to 4, which is based on experience, so the more you are adept at the sport, the more turbulent waters you can venture in. The Atlantis team offers some of the best equipment and keep everything up to the required safety standards. This helps them keep you out of harm’s way so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. River Rafting in Goa is done only during the monsoon, i.e. June to September. For the adrenaline junkies among you, this sport is the perfect opportunity for you to experience Goa’ beautiful lush greenery and partake in some activities.


If going down rapids and cruising through them is not your style, and you want something a little more subtle, perhaps kayaking might be for you. You can choose to lazily drift through the backwaters in Goa or go on a river and enjoy the sights of the fishermen and boats. Kayaking is an experience which is sure to leave a lasting impact. You also get see a very calm and beautiful sight of Goa, of its forests, and of its people. It can be done solo, for you to look at the sights in peace or in a team of two, so you can spend some quality time with a loved one. You might even encounter a few exotic birds on your trip, thus making for an added bonus. Atlantis has some of the fanciest equipment and safety features on kayaks, so you do not have to worry about that during your trip.

These are just two of the monsoon watersports in Goa that you can try out; there are many more options on the table. But in order to experience all this and much more, you will first need to come out here. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and start your journey! 

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