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Monday, September 3, 2018

Top Six Factors That Affect A Woman’s Fertility

Fertility is an important issue for a couple and there are certain factors that affect a woman’s fertility. Let us discuss the factors in details here.


It has been researched that it becomes difficult for a woman to conceive after the age of 35.  Hence it is required for a woman to visit a doctor when she is planning to conceive. A doctor would check out the medical history and come up with solutions.


We have all heard that smoking is injurious to our health in general. However, research shows that it can even affect a woman’s fertility. Therefore it is better for a woman who is trying to conceive to quit smoking.


A lot of exercises can definitely hamper fertility. Mild exercises are good for the body but extreme exercise can affect fertility in a major way. Therefore it is important to make sure that your fertility is not affected by extreme exercise.


In the present times, stress is a major cause of several diseases and hence it is always said that it should be kept at bay. Women who undergo a lot of stress can definitely have problems conceiving as it would affect them negatively.  Therefore women who are planning for a child must relax more and try to stay away from major stressors.  They can visit a psychologist to understand their stress levels and the ways to combat it.

Thyroid Issues

An overactive or an underactive thyroid causes a lot of health complications specifically affecting a woman’s fertility. Hence it is always essential to get the thyroid levels checked in order to normalize it. A thyroid illness can be detected easily through blood test where the TSH level is checked. Medications are easily available to bring it in control within a short span of time.


Alcohol is said to have a negative effect on fertility. Women who are habituated to drinking a lot should cut down as it might hamper the conceiving process. A number of researches have proven about the negative impacts of alcohol.  Heavy drinking during the early stages of pregnancy can lead to premature delivery.

Hence it is very important for women to take care of their health and indulge in activities that are positive for health. A healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is also essential as it would provide the essential nutrients to keep the body healthy. 

Fertilitytests are done to check the fertility levels which include ovulation testing, ovarian reserve testing, and hormonal testing.  Female infertility treatments are suggested in case the woman is found infertile. There are several treatment plans but the major ones are fertility drugs, surgery, and general medical assistance. These treatments are good but can also have major side effects. Hence it is suggested to go to the best doctor and take the second opinion before finalizing a treatment plan.

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