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Thursday, October 11, 2018

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Interior Designer before Hiring

Are you thinking of choosing an interior designer? Well, just like finding your life partner, it is essential to choose a perfect interior designer. If you want to create a new look in your home and want to make your neighbours and guests jealous, you must be very careful in choosing the best interior designer for your home. Though, there are lots of options available, both online and offline you may be a little confused in choosing the best one from the lot. So, if you are willing to meet the designers one by one and make the selection, here are some of the questions you must ask-

#Question1 – How Much Experience You Have

It is the vital question and the most important one to ask the interior designer. When you are meeting the designer, you must ask how many years of experience does he is having. The designer must be of 5-6 years of experience in this field.
The experience level and the skills of the interior designer will help in assuring that you are on the right hands. If you want to create a professional look in your home, it is not advised to hire a novice designer.

#Question2- What Type Of Designing Style You Follow?

Designing style varies from person to person. There are various design and styles available like the artistic design, the modern design, contemporary or anything else. When you are choosing the designer, it is essential to ask about what type of design he provides. You can also discuss your preferences and styles that will help you to choose the designer. Sit along with him to plan and plot the design of the home according to your choice and budget.

#Question 3- What Are Your Fees?

As like your budget, asking the fees of the interior designer is important too. When you are choosing the designer, it is very important to ask what his fees are and how he takes the fees- whether as a whole at the end or in instalments. Do check whether the interior designer provides insurance coverage or not. You can also ask whether the expert has any hidden fees or not.

#Question4- Can You Show Your Previous Work Or Projects

When you are choosing the professional, be sure that you asked to show him his previous works and projects. It will provide you with the idea that how he works and what styles he follows. You can also visit his on-going project sites to view the area and his entire work process.

#Question5- How Much Your Clients Are Satisfied?

When you are choosing the designer, you must ask about what his clients have told about him. There should be written records or online reviews from where you can get an idea about it. If the interior designer has any website, you can go through it.

For example, if you check the home interiors in South Africa, you can have an idea of how the interior designers work. You can also gather ideas online or from the magazines.

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