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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Different Types of Digestive Problems and There Cure during Pregnancy

While you are pregnant you will suffer from several health issues. Nausea, morning sickness, cramps, back pain, etc. can be your regular problems. Besides these, you may also suffer from digestive problems which can make you feel uneasy. During pregnancy, you can suffer from heartburn, diarrhea, indigestion, hemorrhoids, belching and flatulence. They can make your life full of miseries. So, today you need to know what the pregnancy digestive system issues you are facing and how to cope up with those. Here is the list of the digestive problems and the solutions. Read on to know more-

1.      Constipation
The maximum digestive problem begins with constipation during pregnancy. Why pregnant ladies suffer from constipation so much?
·         This happens because the high level of certain hormones makes the bowel muscles relax and create problems to make them work effectively.

·         As your uterus starts growing, it creates pressure on your bowel and disturbs its movement.
·         You take iron supplements this time which make your stool dry and it becomes difficult to pass.
Constipation is common during pregnancy, but you don’t need to live with it. Rather, you should try to solve this problem as soon as possible. You can do simple things to cure this issue-
·         Drink lots of fluid. You can have water and fruit juice to keep your stool soft and make it pass smoothly. Remember, fluid doesn’t include tea and coffee.

·         Include more fiber-rich food in your diet. Go for fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grain which can improve your bowel movement
·         A bit of exercise can keep your muscles supple and boost up blood circulation. Thus, the oxygen supply becomes smooth throughout your body and your constipation problem also gets solved.

2.      Hemorrhoids

When you strain too much during your bowel movement, you can suffer from hemorrhoids. If you don’t take a step at the beginning, you may see blood with your stool. That is really alarming. Talk to your doctor immediately and you can also follow these following tips to have a healthy pregnancy digestive system-

·         Stay away from constipation. Keep your bowel movement regular so that there is no pressure on your rectum.

·         You should avoid straining your bowel movement.
·         Don’t spend much time on your toilet seat. If you do so, the unnecessary strain will be put on your anus which is not good.

·         When you are pregnant, you should not stand or sit longer. You should always move and change your position.

Apart from these, you can also suffer from belching or flatulence which is serious digestive problems during pregnancy. Take care what you are eating to stay away from such issues. You should limit or avoid completely having sugar and sugar-coated food items. Those are binding. Rather, have more probiotic-rich food as the ‘good’ bacteria kill the ‘bad’ bacteria and improve your digestive system. If your problems aggravate, consult your doctor immediately. Also, you should take a brisk walk or ride a stationary bicycle for a few minutes regularly to keep your body active.

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