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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Get Top And Unique Features Of 9apps

There are many applications software developed for the Android device. To download the app we mostly use the Google Play store and get in your device. But millions of users are using 9Apps nowadays to download apps they need in the device. It is one of the popular apps in the market. It was developed by the Alibaba group. This app has gained more popularity by many users all around the world in various countries such as Russia, India, and Indonesia.

9apps is the famous third-party app store. Since itself an app store so it not available on the Play store. This means you need to download this application separately and install it. Once the installation is finished one can simply use this app like the Play store.

Download and install 9apps

The 9Apps downloading and installing process is so easy and simple. Just you need to download the apk file of this app and install it on your phone. You need to permit the apps installed from the unknown sources. To do this first go to settings and enable this choice. In some Android OS, the settings may vary so check the device and change according to it. Now you can able to install it. After the installation process, the app icon will appear on the screen. So you can use it like Google Play store. This app store is completely at free of cost so you can make of it to download the apps you need.

Top features of 9Apps

9Apps is the platform where the software can be common with the end users. This app was created by the app developers to satisfy the user needs. On the other hand, this app offers various features and specifications for the users. The features of this app are mentioned as follows:

Small size

This app store is very small in size. The Play store requires more than 100 of megabytes. Once the installation process is over, the Google Play store will keep the whole installation package. But this is not in the case of 9Apps because the app packages will get deleted once the installation is finished. This aids in saving more space for the Android phone.

Huge range of apps and content

Different apps are available in 9apps which are get deleted from the other app store. In addition to that, it can also unblock some apps which you are unable to access from other app stores. 9Apps holds a wide collection of ringtones, music, games, and stickers. It also provides your free discount vouchers and coupons.

Good download manager

This app has a very good download manager when compared to the Google Play store. One can keep the app download process in a queue, pause or resume.

Simple user interface

9apps has simple and easy user interface so it is very effortless to search and browse apps according to their needs.

Custom content

For downloading apps you need to create an account on the 9apps. This allows you to find out your relevant apps faster.

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