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Friday, October 5, 2018

Why Dehradun is a hub for world-class education?

Being one of the most coveted and second largest professions in India, engineering has always been capturing the imagination of the Indian students’ community for decades. It is also needless to say that studies in any branch of engineering involve hard work, dedication and patience of the highest order. The education in engineering not only develops students’ ability to think in logical manner, but also enables them to solve problems quickly. The profession of engineering deals with application and acquisition of mathematical and scientific knowledge to make machines, mega structures and different types of materials in order to achieve a particular objective.

In the past 2 decades, various new disciplines of engineering have come into existence in India including:

·        Food technology
·        Dairy technology
·        Software engineering
·        Computer engineering
·        Civil engineering
·        Industrial engineering
·        Nuclear engineering
·        Nanotechnology
·        Environmental engineering many more!

There was a time when education in engineering in India was confined only to a few government colleges, but in the contemporary times, with the penetration of private sector in education, you can very easily found engineering colleges in the country to study in any branch of engineering. Although, there are colleges all around for the studies of engineering, but the state of Uttarakhand has emerged as the hub of world-class engineering education in India. If you are in search of a top engineering institute in dehradun, then you can find many in place of one in this city.

The government of the state has been doing a lot for the elevation of the levels of education within the state, particularly in Dehradun. There are so many industry biggies that have entered the city establishing their world-class educational institutions helping millions of young Indians in actualising their dreams. Apart from engineering, the city of Dehradun is also well-known for some world-class institutions for hotel management also. This is the reason India’s best hotel management colleges in India are located in the city of Dehradun.

Hotel management is 4th largest stream of careers in India and millions of students opt for the professional hotel management course every year. Most of them prefer Dehradun for the selection of their institution for several reasons. The city of Dehradun is visited by a large number of general tourists, medical tourists, political tourists and other local and international dignitaries creating countless opportunities for the hospitality industry and the professionals in the city. In almost every season, the hotels in the city are full all the way. Therefore, the students who are studying hotel management here get plenty of opportunities for the hands-on or practical experiences during the course. Thus, the city of Dehradun has the potential to attract every type of would-be potential to its colleges and institutions. 

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