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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Learn to identify safety signs easily

A workplace is like the second home of a person. We spend a lot of our time in our workplace. Some people are also known to spend more time in their office than they do at their home. This makes it absolutely necessary for all workplaces to be quite safe and hazard-free from all sorts of potential accidents and injuries. But it is also true that you can’t do certain jobs without being involved in a little bit of risk. Everything can’t be controlled by administrative controls, engineering measures, and personal protective equipment. In such situations, people need to be extra cautious and take careful measure personally to avoid all sorts of accidents and injuries. This is where safety signs come into play.
You might have come across a lot of signs designers like lobby signs designer, bathroom sign designer, ADA signs designer, etc. These signs designers are also required to design appropriate safety signs which are required in a workplace.


The colors used in a safety sign helps the employees quickly identify which type it is and behave accordingly. It informs us of the kind of hazard that might be present in the situation.
·    Red color identifies Danger, Stop or Fire. It is commonly used to identify flammable liquids fire protection equipment and emergency stop switches. Danger could mean that the situation is extremely hazardous which could cause severe injury and even death.
·    Orange and yellow colors indicate a warning or caution. It warns us about hazardous situations or equipment that are there. These signs give warnings about situations in which the worker might get moderately injured, but there is no risk of death.
·      Green color denotes safety. So the safety equipment are marked with green color. Other materials like first aid equipment and safety data sheets are also denoted with the color green.
·       Blue color is for the employees to take Notice. This is to provide information regarding what kind of equipment is required for the safety of the worker in the situation.


Other than colors, symbols and shapes are also used to provide necessary information to the workers. Any signs manufacturer or even lobby signs manufacture will know all about the meaning of the shapes of the safety signs. They are also essential to all the sign viewers as different symbols have different meanings and can provide different information regarding a situation.

·    Triangle shaped signs are for alerting people about hazards. They are most commonly used with yellow and orange colors.

·         Circular signs are used when any kind of mandatory action needs to be taken.

·      Square or sometimes rectangular shapes signs are meant for providing information. Any information about safety equipment or any related topics is written in these signs.

·     Prohibitions signs are often provided in a circular sign with a diagonal crossing from the upper left part to the lower left within which the prohibited article is shown.

The colors symbols and the shapes of the safety signs together inform people exactly what kind of a situation he or she is dealing in.

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