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Friday, December 21, 2018

Guide On Cleaning Limestone

Most of the people nowadays like to use limestone in the kitchen and bathrooms so as to enhance the beauty of the house. Limestone has a porous material because of its sedimentary nature. Because of this reason, dirt and moisture can easily get absorbed through the surface and damage its shine. There are many stone care products available in the market to seal and clean them regularly. Below is a procedure which can be followed to clean the limestone surfaces.


As limestone surface has a slippery nature, dirt can easily get accumulated on its surface. Before applying limestone cleaner, sweep the entire surface which is to be cleaned or otherwise, the dirt particles can create scratch marks on the surface. In the case of bathrooms, microfiber cloths can be used.


A regular moping is also required to maintain its shine and durability. Moping helps to remove the dirt from the surface which sweeping cannot remove. Microfiber or damp clothes can be used for this purpose.


Only such stone care products should be used which are made for limestone. Other substances can damage it. The solutions which are used for limestone generally do not contain concentrated acids and other strong chemicals. For harsh cleaning, a poultice can be used which will pull out the stains which have got stuck on the limestone surface.

Some of the things apart from these which are required are a broom, mop, wet cloth, microfiber cloth, neutral cleaner, etc. Apart from cleaning, sealing is also essential to retain its beauty and shine. Limestone tends to gets damaged soon because of the following reason:
  • It can absorb things easily because of its porous nature.
  • As it is made up of calcium, so it reacts instantly with acids.

Because of these reasons, utmost care of the limestone surfaces should be taken. At some point in time, limestone stains are very harsh and cannot be removed with water and soap or less concentrated solutions. Some concentrated limestone cleaners can be bought which can remove the tough stains as well. But the only thing which should not be used to remove the stains is metal. It can create scratches on limestone surface.

A lot of procedures need to be followed for the proper maintenance of limestone. These are quite delicate and can be easily damaged if proper care is not taken. You can also refer to several retail stores for knowing the maintenance procedure.

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