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Friday, December 14, 2018

How Doctors Can Use Innovative Approach to Solve India's Healthcare Crisis?

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. The Indian subcontinent has 1.35 billion people living within its boundaries. With such a big population, diseases and medical disorders are much more frequent due to poor living conditions and lack of effective treatment. India has less than a million doctors functioning in different areas of the country who have the responsibility to tackle the problems of a billion people. So it can be really difficult to handle and the situation will deteriorate even further.

Many doctors have started using new approaches which will help them to solve the growing problem. So here is some innovative approach for doctors to solve India's healthcare crisis.

       Engage With Patients Digitally
As more than 500 million people in India use a smartphone, it is a very innovative idea to engage with the patients digitally. Doctors can engage with people via different mediums like SMS, video calling, email etc. which are accessible by a smartphone. This will help the patients to get quick and much convenient way of acquiring a solution for different medical conditions. They will not have to visit the hospitals and clinics which are already crowded with people. Digitally, the patients can connect with their doctor from any part of the country at any time they want.

       Using Electronic Health Record
In India, most of the people suffer from the lack of sufficiency data or information about their health condition and other important aspects related to it. That is why whenever they visit a doctor, they are made to go through several tests and check-ups which are really tiring and at the same time very expensive. So of doctors implement EHR or Electronic Health Record in their medical practice, it can save a lot of money and time.

To set up an Electronic Health Record system, it can cost a doctor a significant amount of money. So the best way to gather funds is by opting for a Doctor Loan. They can check the various Doctor Loan Interest Rate from the agencies they want a loan from.

       Development of Website and Apps
The Internet has now spread to every major urban centre and also to various rural regions as well. Therefore doctors can set up their own website which will help the patients to get quick and responsive details and information related to a certain medical emergency. Doctors from different regions can also set up medical websites in the regional language which will help the people in a much convenient manner.

Another way of reaching out to the people and providing them with important healthcare help includes the use of a mobile application. Since there are more than 500 million smartphone users in India, developing apps can help to connect the people with their doctors in a brilliant manner.  But the development of such an app or website requires capital between Rs. 2 to Rs. 10 lakhs, depending on the app or website which is being built by the doctor. So a Doctor Loan can help the doctors to efficiently develop their websites and apps with sufficient funding.

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