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Friday, December 28, 2018

Why Artificial Placenta is a Step Ahead

These days, medical sciences have improved a lot and they have chosen many new paths and ventures when it has come to experimentation. And whatever is happening in the world of biotechnology, it will soon impact on how babies are reproduced.

There is a new technology known as the ECMO technology which is a step to make baby in artificial womb. This is a machine which actually helps the premature infants who are also medically termed as the artificial placenta. One should know that the natural placenta always connects to the blood circulation of the mother and the blood circulation of the fetus.  The blood should always pass through the placenta when it is flowing from the fetus to the mother and then again from the mother to the fetus. Also, the fetus is always attached to the placenta with the help of an umbilical cord. Once the baby is delivered, it stops working and then the baby starts surviving on its own lungs. But then there is a problem that arises when a baby is born before time. In case of a pre mature baby the lungs are not fully developed and so they are not enough to support a life. So, if the lungs cannot support the child, then the fetus is said to be a bit viable. If the lungs are enough to support the baby, them the fetus is termed as viable.

One can use some medicines before birth. There are some special sprays which are available and can be used on the newborn lungs when the baby is born. Or else the doctors can go for mechanical ventilators and then there are neonatologists who are able to make certain premature fetus viable. Though the survival chance of a non viable fetus is very low but still in some cases there are more than 50 percent of chances of surviving them.

This ECMO device is actually a type of artificial placenta but it is never as efficient as a real placenta because the later gives much more fresh and oxygenated blood cells to the fetus. But this is just a step to a new medical evolution. This artificial placental will always help the doctors to let the lungs stay deflated. The circulation will stay in a certain pattern that exists inside the womb, but the baby will be there, outside. This will push the survival limit back from 21 weeks and 5 days to a lower gestational age.

So, one can go ahead with the artificial womb baby born by using the advancement in technology. The real placenta is a kind of a temporary wall or a boundary in between the blood of the mother and the fetus. Also this placenta contains small blood vessels which carries the fetal blood and then comes closer to the capillaries that contain maternal blood. If that does not work, then artificial placenta can come to the rescue so that it can save the baby when it is ready to come out of the womb.

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