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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

5 Easy Ways To Get Curly Hair

Shiny, Voluminous curls one of the best way to glam up your look. Many are blessed with natural curls, what about those who don’t? Though the heat from a curling iron or blow dryers do hair damages leading to hair problems like hair falls etc. We are discussing my favorite 5 Easy ways to get curly hair. There isn’t just one road to curly hair and let’s start looking at all the ways you too can have beautiful, shiny, voluminous girls. The best part? Is that all 5 are so incredibly easy! Anyone can follow along and get those great girls with ease.

5 Easy ways to get curly hair

1) Brading

Go for hair wash and conditioner, as usual, let your hair dry. Braid damp hair into a ponytail, one or more depending on the type of curls you want. for loose curls go for fishtail braid. For tight curls make 6-7 braids. keep the braid overnight to let the wave set in. Unbraid your hair in the morning or after 7-8 hours.

2) Roller Curls

Buy the rollers from the market, big rollers for big curls and small rollers for small curls. Divide your hairs into sections and start rolling your hair using the roller after hair wash and drying. keep it for at least 4 hours or overnight for good results. Remove the rollers and get ready to flaunt the beautiful curls.

3) T-shirt Curls

Cut T-shirt into small strips. Wash and condition your hair. Start rolling up your hair using this T-shirt strips from hair tip. Keep rolling till half or scalp as per the curls you want. Let it sit for overnight or 4 hours. Unwrap the strips and ready to flaunt the high wave curls.

4) Side Bun Curls

Wet your hair with water, and divide into two sections from the middle. Twist each section tightly and wrap each twist around their base and fix using barbie pin. Let your hair set for overnight or till it dries off. Unwrap the buns and you’ll have light waves.
5) FreeTress Deep Twist

Whenever I look for natural curls FreeTress never fails to disappoint me. It gives a diva look via amazing styles of ponytails, braids, buns, and wigs. freetress deep twist creates a gorgeous look. If you have not so voluminous hairs and no curls can be made out of it, Than FreeTress Deep Twist is meant for you. It’s easy to blend with your natural hair that can’t be differentiated. These are of soft texture, easy to manage, minimal tangling, hair color matches your hair tone. You can wash it after use, heat safe, available in  14 fabulous colors. Get creative and perfect your own unique style. Shop FreeTress wigs, braids, and styles through Divatress today!

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