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Monday, January 14, 2019

6 Amazing Benefits of Buying a Portable JUUL Charger

Thanks to the advent of smart vaping gadgets like JUUL vape, you can now easily enjoy some quick clouds of vapor anywhere without having to prepare a lot. But what if you are traveling outdoors and you fall short of battery?

That sounds like a nightmare to those who can’t resist to have a go at their favored JUUL wherever they go. Thankfully, you can use a portable JUUL USB charger for the rescue!

Whether your existing JUUL charger is broken or you want to upgrade to a better one, a portable charger will benefit you in every possible manner. Brands like BRIK have come up with a smart concept of handheld JUUL charger that can be used to charge your vape up to three times before needing to charge it again.

But why should you replace your current or broken JUUL charger with a portable one?

Well, here are six good reasons to do that. Let’s have a look:

1:- Offers Fast Charging & Full Power.

The portable chargers present in the market are absolutely handy. They are sufficient enough to charge your JUUL in a very quick time span whenever, wherever you need. Not only that but they additionally offer full power that your vape needs to work break free. In short, the minute your vaporizer runs out of battery, you can easily recharge it up to three times by using the portable USB JUUL charger.

2:- Make the Most of Outdoor Trips.

When your portable charger is in your backpack, you can lay in the grass and enjoy the view while your JUUL charges automatically. One can enjoy a decent vape session with friends or alone while sunbathing in the backyard. If you need your JUUL for your next class, you can sit in the quad while it wherever you place it. You don’t have to go inside the room or plug it into the socket to charge it.

3:- No Need to Be Sedentary!

The lesser it has you stuck to a desk, the better your experience. You need no put off walking to a friend’s office on another floor just because you have a broken JUUL charger & you’re waiting for them to let you charge. With the portable USB charger in your pocket, you can charge it up to three times easily, without needing extra effort.

4:- Pretty Convenient & Portable.

It’s surely a moment of pleasure when you know the life-savior charger comes in a compact size and easily fits anywhere. You can carry the JUUL charger by BRIK easily in your pockets or your purse. Carrying heavy and big accessories is a pain in the neck as well as very annoying. The portable chargers iare s lightweight and small in size. Thus, considering the physical facet, these USB chargers for JUUL have been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the common user.

5:- Explore the Wild Prepared.

While you are traveling outdoors into the wild, you must be concerned about your JUUL’s battery. If you are exploring a new country or a new town without power backup for your vape, your experience might be barred. However, the portable chargers act as a boon by providing 3 times charge for your JUUL in a crisis situation.

6:- Ditch Unwanted Cables & Wires.

The best highlight of JUUL USB charger is it is light enough to carry and it additionally comes without those unwanted cables and wires. It often gets irritating to carry your vape with a bundle of clumsy wires and cables. Luckily, the BRIK chargers are meek and mess-free.

So these are some advantages of using a portable charger. You can also use our JUUL locator to find the nearest JUUL retailer in your region.

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