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Friday, January 25, 2019

A Quick Look At The Importance Of The Ict Law

The fast-paced innovation of the technology have completely changed the face of the legislative response to address legal issues because of the new and very complex ethical and legal aspects that does both good and bad in under the existing Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) law or the Information Technology Law.
The ICT law, therefore, could be like any other forms of law, but the legislative response of the judiciary system have to adopt to it by imposing new laws that mainly focuses on the protection of consumers rights by achieving the enforcing data privacy, protection, as well as the validity of online contracts, electronic device procurements, data integrity and authenticity, as well as outlining the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that now follows ICT law, and to give more confidence and trust to the public systems.
The Information Technology law or ICT law mainly focuses on several areas that already existed within the law but in a new context, like for example, a technology transaction that is under commercial law in a technology context considering that the rapidly growing dependence of people in technology, it is essential or rather required to have a thorough analysis into new areas of the law because of also the rapidly changing phase of technology. This also covers artificial intelligence, and more importantly, it requires the law to follow tradition as well.
The Information Technology law or ICT law is also known as the Chetty Law which means that it is applied to make assistance to organizations and groups that have dealt the legal implications and the right management of legal challenges that are entirely linked to the use of ICT tools in both business and consumers.
To tackle more about the importance of ICT law in today’s modern era, let us discuss the specific areas that this type law covers and how it works in the law and justice system courtesy of a trusted technology lawyers Australia.
Issues Involving Software Licenses
For business establishments, it is normal that they frequently update their own operating system software to keep up with the latest technological advancement and also to improve their business operations, but switching software programs are very costly especially for a large-scale business that operates more than a dozen computers and has a top-tier server. However, this poses threat to business owners because of software licensing issues that have certain provisions that are linked to performance warranties, infringement disclaimers, and other related issues.
Issues On Data Privacy And Security                                                               
One of the most vulnerable and frequently exploited aspects in the world of information technology is the data or the information of a certain person or an organization. Information nowadays regardless of its value is now stored in a digital format and it is entirely susceptible to theft especially in the financial institutions, e-commerce websites, and other businesses. Data privacy is always at risk from cybercriminals and hackers who are frequently hunting for the best weaknesses they can exploit on in breaching data security just like the data encryption laws Australia.
Issues on Electronic Signature Laws
The issue surrounding the electronic signature law is another growing concern for a lot of businessmen who are into electronic manufacturing. Electronic signatures, just like the digital storage, and electronic signature software can also be compromised that can violate government regulations and customer data.

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