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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Snapchat Spy App

Snapchat spy app

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media and photo-sharing application around the world. Its excitingfeatures of self-deleted messages and photo filters stand this application out. The photo-sharing application has overtaken the other popular social media applications including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google +and Pinterest.The self-deleted messaging app is more popular among teens and tweens rather than grownups. The high-school and college goers are tendingto use the app more often.

There are more than 10 million active users who use Snapchat at the moment. More than half of Snapchatters visit the photo-sharing appon regular basis. Almost 30 percent users use the app five times in a week. More than 8 percent of Snapchatters use the app twice a week. More than 10 billion Snapchat videos have been sent and around 40 million Snaps have been shared via Snapchat. Around 9 thousand Snaps have been posted on the photo-sharing platform in one second. These statistics highlight the popularity of the social media application. Read on to know the dangers associated with this photo-sharing app andthe most effective way to protect teens from the menaces of Snapchat.

Self-Deleted Snapchat Messages
The social media app allows users to exchange text messages, photos and short videos that get automatically deletedseconds after being viewed by the recipient. The app automatically erases the Snapchat message from the receiving and sending phone 10 seconds after it is seen by the receiver. This Snapchat feature encourages users to exchange objectionable messages, nude or semi-nude photos and sexually explicit videos. Many teen boys and girls use the app for sexting and consider it the most secure app for this purpose.

However, the self-deleted messaging app does not offer any way to prevent a Snap from being captured and distributed via screenshot. The receiver of sexts can save explicit snaps by taking screenshots before the snap gets deleted. Though the app notifies the sender about screenshot, there is no way to stop such screenshots.

Snapchat Monitoring App
Monitoring social media apps is of great importance for parents as it enables them to protect their teens from the menaces of these social networking platforms. Parents must monitor Snapchat use of their teen boys and girls to make sure their children use the app in secure and responsible way. It lets you know your kids do no share any personal or sensitive information with the online fellows. Also, it prevents them from exchanging objectionable stuff via Snapchat.

There is a best spy app for android that lets you monitor Snapchat and many other social media apps.TheOneSpy Snapchat spy app is intended for parents to keep tabs on social media activities of their children. Once you install the spy app on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor and control the targeted mobile phone via online control panel of the spyware app. The end-user of the monitoring software can get access to the online control panel by providing confidential username and password.

How Snapchat Spy App Work?
After spy app installation, the app gets access to the targeted phone data and creates an online backup of that data for parents to review. Parents can see the data fetched from the targeted Android phone by logging into the online spy app account. This data includes messages, contacts, call logs, emails, internet history, photos, videos and other relevant stuff stored on the phone memory.However, the Snapchat messages do not get stored on the phone memory and cannot be fetched by the spy app.

How Snapchat Spy App Captures Snapchat Activities?
The Snapchat spy app captures Snapchat messages with the help of screenshots. As the target starts using the photo-sharing app, the spyware app starts taking screenshots to capture every message and activity performed on the social media platform. The screenshots get automatically uploaded to the online spy account from where parents can review them.

In this way, you can also monitor the Snapchat friends list of your children to know whom they are in contact with. In short, the Snapchat spy app lets you monitor every single activity performed on self-deleted messaging app to ensure your kids are in not in any danger. If you find anything objectionable, you can make timely decisions to prevent any unpleasant event from happening in near future.

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